Clip sourcing, rights management, permissions, licensing, copyright, film clearances... Whatever you call it - you name it, we deliver it. From single clips to complete brand films; we can source the footage you need.

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Clip Searching

Our team of pitch film aficionados are primed to search the ever-evolving abundance of online creative content to find the best clips to suit your brand and your film.

What sets us apart is that we are film-makers at heart so not only do we understand the elements that make the best, most beautiful shots, we also find the clips that will work well together to match the nuances of your brief.


We find the copyright owners and negotiate rights on your behalf, handling all aspects from obtaining releases to payments and renewals.

Film Making

The shots we find will make your life easy when it comes to making beautiful films. However, we can also craft your films in-house in a fraction of the time and cost.

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